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Eric Danison the foodie, globetrotter, writer.

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About Eric Danison

Eric Danison.

Foodie. Globetrotter. Writer.


 A food enthusiast.

A strong follower of the healthy lifestyle. Eric Danison has been regularly keeping up to date and testing the latest food trends and recipes, from quorn to quinoa, baobab to blueberries, Danison is in the know.


A Globetrotter.

Regularly jetting all around the world discovering new cooking techniques, new ingredients, and new food cultures. Eric Danison has been everywhere and with 2016’s crazes coming from all round the globe, Danison is there first hand to experience the cultures and incorporate this into his own cooking styles.


A writer.

If you haven’t already read Eric Danison’s food nutrition blogs then you’re missing out and you’ve come to the right place. He regularly writes about his own experiences of food and the journeys round the world this has taken him. His experiences of a wide variety of people from different backgrounds makes his writing a very interesting read.